Secret Scarves

We just wish we could have you standing by our shoulder as we newly introduce the "Secret Scarf" to a customer. You would hear us explaining that it's a gorgeous, silk chiffon scarf which, when wrapped about the neck is more than suitable for any important occasion, from board meeting to teacher conference. We explain they will receive inevitable compliments because of the unexpectedly stunning color. People are not used to hand-made beauty like this.

Then we go on, removing the scarf as we explain that it's empowering. A good thing to wear on a job interview. An accessory that can shift the balance of an intimidating staff meeting or up the ante at the family reunion.

Because there's a secret...

You never have to reveal it, and sometimes keeping it secret is the most fun. But if you do decide to share,the secret is: you are wearing the power of the goddess in all her glory!



And here is where you see our delighted new customers looking, looking, and then shrieking, "Oh!" "Oh, my goodness!! Marie, come over here!!! You've got to see this!" Our neighbors at the Capital City Public Market in Boise have gotten used to the hilarity and delight that can ensue.

These scarves make unforgettable gifts. Every woman should really have one of her own. Customer photos have shown us some amazing family reunions based on these scarves.
Go on, have a little fun. It'll be a hit at that next milestone birthday party!
And know that you are helping to turn the world into a place that celebrates the sisterhood of smart, resilient, beautiful and creative women. That's all of us.

A portion of the proceeds from these scarves helps support body image work with young women at BSU's own Women's Center

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